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Then and Now: Unicycle Edition

You know how celebrities always say they were nerds in high school, but what they really mean is they got good grades and participated in school sponsored activities, and probably got lightly teased by their friends for not being bad at math? Like Cady Heron basically. That's not me. I wasn't a fake nerd. But I also wasn't a real nerd either. (Sticking with the Mean Girls analogy, I wasn't a "sexually active band geek," though at my school it was more like "sexually active Model U.N. kids" because I swear those people went through every permutation of coupling imaginable.) I got good grades and took AP classes and all that jazz, but I wasn't nerdy enough (or cool enough?) to be friends with the actual nerds.

Starting high school was kind of a shock to me. I had graduated 8th grade with a class of 25 and entered high school with a class of over 700. I was extremely, painfully shy and uncomfortable in my own skin, and I was hesitant to talk to people unless they reached out to me first. Actually, some vestiges of that personality still remain. Just last week, someone told me they were shocked by my blogging voice because it didn't fit with my shy personality. So you guys get the real me, I guess :)

But let's be real here, I looked like this. And that was me after a slumber party makeover. And after I'd discovered the straightening iron.

I was too awkward to talk to boys in high school, let alone go to dances with them, let alone date them. My core group of friends were all too scared to talk to boys. I literally talked to like 5 boys during my time in high school, and none of them were actual friends. I went to one homecoming dance with a group of girls, and then some friends awkwardly arranged my date for prom senior year.

That wasn't my date. My date was a dude.
Since I didn't date at all in high school, I decided it might be best for me to pursue becoming a nun, because then if anyone asked why I was still single, I could just say I wasn't allowed since I was nun. Surprisingly, I met Mr. Unicycle for the first time less than a month after prom, so you just never know. Thank God, because I don't think I'd look good in a habit.

 I'm so glad he doesn't wear cargo pants and mandals anymore.

I joined a bunch of extra-curriculars that I thought would look good on my college applications (student council, service club, etc.) and also tried to join the badminton team, but I was rejected. Twice. Who gets rejected from the badminton team twice?! That's how bad I was, I guess.

Instead of dating boys, driving Hummers, fake tanning, and vacationing in Cancun like all the normal high school girls, my friends and I threw theme parties.

This was a Brokeback Mountain themed party. I won a prize for best outfit because I was the only one not in jeans. My prize was a pencil with a horse's head on the end, which I still have to this day.

And here we are at a Black and White party for New Year's Eve. Does anyone recognize this dress?! This photo was staged, as were many of our honeymoon photos. I guess you could say I'm into that.

 Still fits! It's the Sisterhood of the Traveling Dress magic!

I still love a good theme party. I most recently threw a "quarter life crisis" party for Mr. Unicycle, and I'm hoping to host a wine and cheese party soon because I'm married and that's what married people do. As far as other extra-curricular activities go, does drinking wine count? Obviously I blog. I don't really do much else. Sad. It's hard to do extra-curricular activities when you don't even do curricular activities anymore.

 The quarter life crisis party.

I went through a lot of stupid phases in high school as I attempted to "find myself." The first one was when I believed I was a punk. I bought studded belts and a Good Charlotte CD and pretty much called it a day. My next phase started when I discovered the Japanese street fashion anthology Fruits and decided I should dress nonsensically too. One day, two friends and I decided to trade clothing--they had to wear my clothing, and outfits styled by me, and I had to wear their "normal clothing." People were literally shocked to see me in jeans and a track jacket.

I really miss those shoes on the right.

My room was also tricked out in crazy rainbow colors. My parents assured me I'd get tired of having orange and green walls, but they just didn't understand anything. I painted over it as soon as I graduated from college.

I don't think I dress strangely anymore, but occasionally I'll get a comment like "I didn't know if this outfit matched/looked right/was appropriate, but then I thought 'Mrs. Unicycle would totally wear this' so I wore it anyway." The sad thing is, I'm not trying to mismatch anymore. I just like bright colors still. And though our bedroom is a very boring gray, this is what our bathroom looks like:

I still got it!

I faithfully kept a xanga throughout most of high school. My blogging goals back then were recording every notable social interaction I had, mostly consisting of going to the mall, renting movies, and having sleepovers with my friends. I also remember I always wanted a digital camera or at least a scanner (I know!) so I could have a really great, flattering xanga profile pic. Most of the photos on my xanga were just selfies taken alone in my green and orange bedroom. Consequently, most of my circa high school photos are just selfies taken alone in my green and orange bedroom.

Clockwise from top left: Damn, I had good hair in high school; Damn, I had really good hair in high school; Nice smirk. Also I'm wearing that necklace right now and I legit still like it, so don't make fun of it in the comments; Why did I think this was a good face to make?? What a douche.

Today I've moved on from taking selfies. Haha just kidding.
Bottom right is what my old bedroom currently looks like. And...I'm still a douche.

In addition to faithfully blogging, I also wrote for the school newspaper. I was too shy to weasel my way onto the staff, but I managed to get a few assignments here and there, including three fashion columns. I was so excited when my first article came out, and I thought my head shot was so cool. Then I realized they'd edited the article to oblivion and it barely resembled what I originally wrote.
 "Bermuda shorts appear to be the new capris." How astute.

These days, I am a lot better about blogging stuff that people actually want to read, instead of stupid bulleted lists of things I needed to get done or complaining about how much homework I had. In addition to Weddingbee, I also enjoy writing for my own blog, and I write about finance for work. Writing is my bread and butter. Surprisingly, in high school I thought my calling was to be a physicist, and I headed off to college as a physics major. That's how Mr. Unicycle and I met, in fact.

Despite being shy and awkward with strangers, I was still goofy ol' Unicycle in high school when I was around friends. I liked to take silly pictures, like smooching a bear (what, he asked for it!) at the homecoming parade:

...molesting a very realistic-looking statue (also THOSE SHOES. WHAT was I thinking??):

...and eating seductively.

I still do this:
Is it just me or am I getting younger looking every year?

And here's a photo that makes me sad because I'll never be that thin again. I miss Bermuda shorts too.

What were you like in high school?

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