Friday, April 26, 2013

The Unicycles GTFO

Well, my recaps are done, and I can't think of any other posts to write. So, I guess my time at Weddingbee is over. Alright, see ya, hive! It's been real!

Just kidding, I think you deserve more of a goodbye than that. Which is to say, I'd like to write a few more paragraphs. You know, milk it for all it's worth.

For months after my wedding, I kept thinking about what a daunting task recapping was/would be, and how I would never be done talking about my wedding, and how I was kind of embarrassed to still be elbows deep in wedding photos this far out from my wedding day. People I know in real life are all "Really? You're still blogging about your wedding? Wow!" all judgmentalish. Thus, now is the time for me to GTFO.

That said, now that my final post is here, I'm getting a bit choked up. So feel free to come over here and perform the Heimlich at any moment.

I discovered Weddingbee four whole years ago. I knew Mr. Unicycle and I would get married some day, but I also knew that day was pretty far off, since we were still in college. But I decided then and there that I would try to be a blogger when my time came, and I can barely believe that I not only got accepted to blog, but I've also finished the job. It's been an amazing experience sharing my wedding planning and recaps with you guys. I wish I could measure the affect Weddingbee has had on my life the past year and a half. Not only did your feedback make my wedding even more amazing, but the chance to blog for and interact with this community has been so enjoyable.

I had my own blog before I got engaged that, at one point, was on the verge of dying a slow, anonymous internet death. But now that Weddingbee has renewed my love of writing and blogging, I've started writing again. No internet death for this blog! You can follow along at Karisa Tells All. I'm not a fashion blogger, craft blogger, mommy blogger (dear God, NO), or other niche blog. I just write about things that make me laugh, and hopefully they'll make you laugh too.

Thanks for letting me share my wedding with you. Now it's time for me to roll on out of the hive. See you later!


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