Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Wife, Happy Life

Before the wedding, I bordered on obsessive over capturing our guests' advice and comments. I saved all of my shower and wedding cards, requested advice in our RSVPs, and made fill-in-the-blank guest book pages for guests to draw on and, yes, provide advice.

Personal pic of my grandma's approval of Mr. Unicycle. For the record, he's not quite a doctor yet.

The guest book pages and colored pencils were set up in the back corner of the room, and unfortunately the majority of our guests didn't see them. The ones we did get, however, were great. And here are three artsy shots of the set-up, because why not?

We did get some good advice from our very astute guests. Some advice was better than others, naturally.

This one says: "Never keep score, no 'you owe me' or 'do you know how much I've done?' Either find the chores you each mind less (Thom does dishes and I do the laundry) and turn the music up or pay $90/month to have a maid and spend your extra time on a date. Also, they say don't go to sleep angry but that's not true. Morning light brings love and perspective." Ugh, you guys, I struggle so much with not keeping score! I think I just miss being in school and getting report cards. Why can't Mr. Unicycle acknowledge that I'm getting an A+ in dishwashing?? Is that too much to ask?

Next up: "You can be right or you can be happy." Damn it, this one is true too. Yet I'm always right, so I guess that means I'm never happy.
"Always say I love you--especially before bed and even if you're fighting!" Why is it that all of this advice is angering me?? Mr. Unicycle always pulls this shit on me. We'll be in the middle of fighting and he'll say I love you and I'm like "Um, hello, we're fighting right now. Stay on task." Men.

"Whatever you did while you were dating but keep it up?...I guess." I kind of like this one. It's genius in its simplicity. Dating was fun.

"Goodness, if I knew, I'd be married...just kidding. I think the secret is to care more about the other person than yourself, and to never go to bed angry." I think "never go to bed angry" was the "don't sweat the small stuff" of the guest book.  Also, I need to work on caring more about Mr. Unicycle than myself. But myself just needs so much careeeeeee.....okay fine, just kidding.

"Make each day count." You can guess who wrote this one.

"Always say 'I love you' each night before sleep. As you pass each other throughout the day give a little touch as you pass to let the other know each is in your heart." This was one of my favorites. Maybe because it's a lot easier than "don't keep score," or maybe because it's sweet and, again, genius in its simplicity. I've kept this one in the back of my mind since I first read it, and I think I've been pretty decent at keeping to it. Then again, physical contact with your spouse isn't exactly a huge personal sacrifice.

"Happy wife, happy life," "happy wife, happy life," and "happy wife, happy life. Take charge when appropriate." Never mind, this was the "don't sweat the small stuff" of the guest book. And I'm not sure what "take charge when appropriate" means. I'm scared.
Our guests also drew some very artistic portraits of us. Who knew we had so many Picassos at our wedding. Well, maybe not Picassos, but Van Goghs? Rembrandts? Artsy people.

And there were some also funny and/or heartwarming tidbits from our guest book:

 This guy knows where it's at.

 This guy doesn' all.

 For the record, I don't condone beating your children. Or math.

 I never thought to get a llama, but you can bet your ass I'm thinking about it now.

 This was from the same person who claimed not to know us in her photobooth sign. Maybe she really didn't know us? 

This one says "We've never seen a bride and groom dance together so much at their wedding. You guys are off to a great start ashgdvfsadhv!" (I can't read the last word) My strategy worked!

Are you collecting advice from your guests? What's the best marriage advice you've gotten (besides "don't go to bed angry")?

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